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Versco is an entrepreneurial company founded by former janitorial service employees. With over 20 years of professional experience Versco understands the need to have an "ACTUAL" honest and legitimate janitorial company cleaning your workspace. Versco Commercial Cleaning, LLC offers the most professional and honest janitorial experience. After working in the franchise side of the commercial cleaning industry we at Versco noticed many areas that needed to be improved. The first area is accountability. It is very easy to sit back with a contract in your hand and not provide the services that were originally agreed upon. In fact, many companies dare you to try and get out of a contract without jumping through hoops. At Versco we understand that each clean is a new experience and thus another opportunity for our clients to judge our abilities and professionalism. That is why Versco focuses on each clean so your company and employees can focus on their own daily work and tasks. Versco is committed to making your cleaning experience one of satisfaction. We have an extensive cleaning network that covers two states and five major cities. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet your company's needs each and every clean!

Through research and experience Versco strives to work on these 5 core values that drive the cultures of 

high performance facility management (by Steve EE, MSC, CFM):

1. Excellence by Choice: "Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well" That is the spirit of excellence that cause Facility Management practitioners to press to do better than before. 

2. A "Can Do" Attitude. "Do whatever it takes" attitude that cause Facility Management practitioners to see possibilities before problems, and that ask, "Why not" before "How can?".

3. Character First. Place value on character. Character comes before capability; attitude before abilities. It is not what we do, but it is the mission of Facility Management that matters. 

4. Focus on People. Put people before Facility Management activities. Relationship is more critical than results. Value each member as individuals who are important to the success of Facility Management.

5. Balance People and Performance; Relationship and Results. A sustainable high Facility Management performance culture need to maintain the tension of cultivating relationships and achieving results, valuing people, and getting things done. 

New Office


Due to the growth of our business and the economy we have added a new office location. Look for our sign off I-85.



We are currently seeking experienced crews for commercial and construction cleaning. Call 864-336-2525 or emal for more information.