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Cleaning Services

Versco's main services:

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning 

New and Old Construction Cleaning

Wood Floor Restoration 

VCT Strip and Refinish 

Carpet Cleaning 

Pressure Wash 

Industrial Reclamation 

​Versco  Commercial Cleaning, LLC has the ability to clean any facility, whether it is a small office space, large manufacturing or medical facility. We have the experience and supplies necessary to complete the job properly. Versco knows that each clean is a new opportunity to show your professionalism and prove that your business is important to us. All to often in the commercial cleaning industry the longer the contract the less productive your services become that is why we don't require a 30, 60, or 90 day contract. Our teams know that working for Versco is a full time job, with great opportunities and if the job is not done right the first time then there will be consequences. Versco stives to clean all facilities whether it be 7 days a week, twice a day or even the basic once a week. Call us for all your building needs.